Friday, December 4, 2009

New job!!

Finally, after 5 months of searching found an awesome/real job. Damn you economy!

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Fancy men

Dexter and Jack are all ready for Halloween! Jack had a costume but Dexter only tolerates bandanas. We got him a Christmas shirt once.... and he ate it! So no more clothes for Dexter.

I edited the pic directly from my phone, so if you have an iPhone and don't have colorsplash yet, go get it!

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Testing BlogPress

Just testing out a new app as I promised to update more often :)

Well it seems to work okay to me! Let's try a picture...

Jack being lazy as usual.

Looks like i found a good app, and best of all it was free! Yay.

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Tech Ramblings...

Wow, it's been a while since I updated, but I think I say that everytime. #FAIL

I'm going to go on a short rant.

What the HELL is a "Windows Store" and why the eff does it look like an Apple store covered in Windows puke?


Alright, glad I got that out. But seriously, come on Redmond.

Another thing that irritates me is Windows Launch parties. Who the hell has a launch party for an OS? If you do this, you are lame. Given I've stood outside stores for launches of things, but I'm not going to make nachos and cake to celebrate a new release of Mac OS X, that's retarded.

Alright, I just needed to get that out.

I promise to be better about updating. I downloaded an app on my iPhone so I can update pics and posts on the go. So stay tunes, I'll post something on than a rant soon.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter and the HBP Annoyances...

Ok, so after seeing HBP, my verdict -

it was a GREAT flick, but at the same time very disappointing, and even more than that, irritating.

Here's my list of discrepancies that bugged me and then why I think the 7th movie is going to be f'ed...

**Warning!! If you have not read the books, plan to, and don't want them to be spoiled, do NOT read any further!**

- Why the hell does Harry hit on some chick on the train platform? That NEVER happened!! He was waiting at the Dursley's, he finds out Grimmauld Place is now his, and Dumbledore summons Kreacher to make sure he passed into the ownership of Harry, not Bellatrix. Hello! Important!

- Luna finds Harry on the, WTF?! Tonks finds harry on the train, then again - Tonks finds him lurking outside the room of requirement later in the movie.

- Rufus Scrimgeour, ummm, NON-EXISTANT? Hell, I know he isn't that important, but come on, Fudge isn't in the picture...

- The Weasley's house burning down...ok NEVER happened. What the hell? Why didn't they cut this completely ridiculous scene and actually I dunno...add the scene with Harry talking to Scrimgeour, ya know, what actually happened in the book *rolls eyes*

- When Harry uses Sectumsempra on Malfoy, ok Snape does not just WALK into the room, Moaning Myrtle starts screaming murder, Snape tells Harry to go get his bookbag and come right back, with ALL his books as he obviously knows since it was HIS curse. Harry hides the book in the room of requirement, Ginny doesn't even have a part in that.

- The MOST irritating thing, the lack of Dumbledore and Harry discussing Horcruxes, how the HELL are they going to spin that off in the last movie? He has NO idea that they could be Hogwarts items that belonged to the founders. The memory with the Hufflepuff Cup, Morfin, Merope, and Marvolo, Gaunt, Voldemort killing his parents, Voldemort asking for a job at Hogwarts. Umm, all cut out? And THEN some!

- Ok, little peeve, the potion on the lake was supposed to be EMERALD green. Not poo purple or whatever the hell color that was supposed to be.

- Harry was IMMOBILIZED when Dumbledore was killed, not standing there like a douchebag..come ON, Harry would have jumped out or cursed Malfoy, Dumbledore knows his temper and his loyalty, which is why he immobilized him UNDER the invisibility cloak.

- WHERE THE HELL WAS THE BATTLE AT HOGWARTS? Harry did not drink all the Felix Felicis. He gave it to Ron and Hermione, said give some to Ginny and while him and Dumbledore were gone, watch the room of requirement, and keep an eye on Snape, not to mention all hell breaks loose for one of the best action scenes in the ENTIRE series, minus the finale to the 7th book. That scene was what I was looking forward to the MOST, and it wasn't even there!!

-And what is up with them replacing Dobby's parts with Neville in the movies? In the 4th book, DOBBY gave harry gillyweed, NOT Neville. Again, Dobby is lacking in this movie, when he should have been tailing Malfoy. If Dobby is cut out of the 7th movie altogether, I'll be pissed. Oh and in the 5th movie, Neville does not discover the room of requirement, in the book, DOBBY does, as that's where he puts Winky when she's in a drunken stupor, lol

- Bill and Fleur, where the hell were they?! Along with Mundungus Fletcher, who nicked stuff from Grimmauld Place.. not to mention the LOCKET THAT IS A HORCRUX! (not to mention they cut that part out of the 5th movie where they find a locket that won't open and throw it away)...

My question, Bill gets bit by Greyback, Lupin and Tonks are NOT together in the 6th book til they talk about it at the very end, that wasn't even played out... The 7th book OPENS with Bill and Fleur's wedding, and they completely cut out bill and fleur. How are they going to spin that off. I'll go out on a limb and say the 7th movie will start with something that never even happened...ugh..

I'm not gonna lie, the movie was good, and the actors are as always, amazing, but the director or film writer needs to look for a new job.

Why the HELL would you cut out significant parts of the book just to add things that never even happened?? Come on JK Rowling, go supervise this douche, apparently they're running around with their heads cut off...

did they even READ the books?

There is so much back story and things that have been left out, I have no idea how they'll even spin Deathly Hallows. I'm really hoping I'm not disappointed, but I was REALLY hoping this movie tied up some loose ends that irked me about the other movies, but all it did was create more holes they'll never be able to fill.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm bad about updating...

Well, apparently I suck at updating my blog, considering my last one was beginning of April and it's now almost June.

Well, a lot has happened, finals are over (have been for a while), got my grades, all As and Bs, w00t!

I graduated college, and am currently hoping to get a job for the IRS.

Besides that, things are pretty good. Kimmy is taking a dice class at blue chip and we've just been hanging out.

The IRS hire isn't until September, so I'm looking for something else in the meantime, especially since it's not a sure thing. I have made it to the 3rd round of the hiring process so hopefully it works out! *cross fingers!*

Other than that, been spending a lot of time fishing with little brother and Aunt Patti.

We went the other day and Aunt Patti about caught 3 beast fish but the line kept snapping when you went to pull them up off the pier, so I went out and bought some 30 lb test line, so we are ready for them now! Muahahaha.

I took my brother to get a new cell phone a few days ago. I figured since his plan w/ my grandpa was about up, it made sense just to add him to my plan. He couldn't text or anything on my grandpa's, because obviously, my grandpa didn't want to pay for that. Well, we already have unlimited family txting, so he's amazed with the fact that he can finally text.

We went to the AT&T store first, and the dude there was a complete DOUCHE. Their phones were a LOT more expensive than they were on the AT&T website and he was just being an ass in general. I know a LOT about phones. I didn't ask for help or your input, don't treat me like I'm stupid.

So we ended up going to walmart and getting him a nice LG touchscreen phone for $15 when AT&T wanted like $200 for it. Then I called AT&T corp and complained about that manager. I hope he gets his ass chewed out, or fired for that matter.

And they waived the activation fees, so whatever.

Alright pizza time, then hopefully some good fishing weather later this afternoon!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's raining...

Yeah I really couldn't think of a better title, I'm so not creative.

Well, as for an update (as I promised I'd try to do more often), things have been pretty crazy lately. Especially with school for me. I've got 3 exams this week. Advanced Cost, Governmental Accounting, and Advanced Federal Tax. I sat down and made myself a study schedule this past Thursday, and I've been pretty good about sticking to it. Right now, I'm taking a break though. I'm really only concerned with Governmental and Tax. Cost probably won't give me too much of a problem.

I just keep telling myself, only 5 more weeks until I graduate. This semester has definitely been the most stressful yet, but I probably should have known that would happen taking all upper level accounting classes. I did good on my Intermediate II midterm, and we are pretty much done in Accounting Info Systems, minus our excel presentations, which me and Tashia are pretty much done with anyways. I finished all my Peachtree and turned that in, so Excel is pretty much the only thing left, no final in that class. I'm still not looking forward to finals week though. Kimmy's birthday is my very last day of finals, so afterwards, I'm going out and drinking my ass off to celebrate her birthday and me being done. Then the following week we are going to a Cubs game (I got her tickets for her birthday). She's stoked about that, which I'm glad. I try to be nice =)

Kimmy and I have been great, as always. I have got to be the luckiest person ever. I really do have the most amazing girlfriend ever. At times, it's stressful with her working all the time and me either being in class or having to study, but lately we've been doing our best to make time for eachother, and we've succeeded for the most part.

Aside from school, I really haven't had time for much else. I guess I'll post a better update when I actually have a life outside of school.