Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm bad about updating...

Well, apparently I suck at updating my blog, considering my last one was beginning of April and it's now almost June.

Well, a lot has happened, finals are over (have been for a while), got my grades, all As and Bs, w00t!

I graduated college, and am currently hoping to get a job for the IRS.

Besides that, things are pretty good. Kimmy is taking a dice class at blue chip and we've just been hanging out.

The IRS hire isn't until September, so I'm looking for something else in the meantime, especially since it's not a sure thing. I have made it to the 3rd round of the hiring process so hopefully it works out! *cross fingers!*

Other than that, been spending a lot of time fishing with little brother and Aunt Patti.

We went the other day and Aunt Patti about caught 3 beast fish but the line kept snapping when you went to pull them up off the pier, so I went out and bought some 30 lb test line, so we are ready for them now! Muahahaha.

I took my brother to get a new cell phone a few days ago. I figured since his plan w/ my grandpa was about up, it made sense just to add him to my plan. He couldn't text or anything on my grandpa's, because obviously, my grandpa didn't want to pay for that. Well, we already have unlimited family txting, so he's amazed with the fact that he can finally text.

We went to the AT&T store first, and the dude there was a complete DOUCHE. Their phones were a LOT more expensive than they were on the AT&T website and he was just being an ass in general. I know a LOT about phones. I didn't ask for help or your input, don't treat me like I'm stupid.

So we ended up going to walmart and getting him a nice LG touchscreen phone for $15 when AT&T wanted like $200 for it. Then I called AT&T corp and complained about that manager. I hope he gets his ass chewed out, or fired for that matter.

And they waived the activation fees, so whatever.

Alright pizza time, then hopefully some good fishing weather later this afternoon!